Atari Asteroids Star Pilot is a game where we attempt to immerse our players in a space-based environment where asteroids are the problem and blowing them up is the solution. Two ways we translate this experience into our game is through the mechanics of flying and shooting. The player must navigate through courses by flying and clearing their path by shooting deadly asteroids in their way.

”When creating these systems it becomes a delicate balance between getting it to work well on the device platforms while still making it enjoyable to play.”

Håkan Johansson, Gameplay Programmer

Creating these game mechanics involves a long process of designing and testing that design to tune the experience to be something the player will both enjoy and find challenging. One method of providing a rewarding experience with shooting the asteroids is through a system known as Dynamic Aim Assist. This system allows the player to target asteroids on their own however, if the player gets too close to an asteroid it will be auto targeted. This helps the player be able to still shoot accurately while avoiding obstacles.

We are continually working hard on the game and look forward to the release.