Jumpgate AB is a gaming-focused concern that aims to turn fun and passion for gaming into successful and sustainable business. The Group develops, produces, and publishes games and other digital products across multiple distribution platforms.

The Group’s companies have established collaborations with strong industry partners, leading brands, and exciting product portfolios with large growth potential. The Group operates in the global market, distributes its games worldwide, and has a well-developed and extensive international network.

The Group now comprises five subsidiaries. The individual studios each have their specific focus areas, strengths and core competencies. All the studios and in the end Jumpgate, as a whole, benefit from knowledge sharing, process uniformity and specialization which creates key synergies that greatly improve company wide development compacity and quality.

The core of Jumpgate’s successful creative work are its employees, who make the “difference” with their passion and experience.

The Jumpgate Group is focused on a measured growth strategy and is constantly vigilant for business unit targets that provide synergy to realize value potentials and increase shareholder value.

Funatics, founded in 1998, is one of the most renowned, experienced and meanwhile also one of the oldest developer studios in Germany. It is based in the Düsseldorf area.

The company was founded by gaming veterans with backgrounds from Ubisoft and Innogames. The team was central to the success of Ubisoft’s game series ‘The Settlers’, among others. Funatics has built games in nearly every genre and setting – its primary expertise is in strategy and builder games as well as online multiplayer. Funatics brings significant delivery capabilities to Jumpgate’s larger gaming projects.

Funatics develops own IPs and is also open to ambitious work-for-hire projects, nationally and internationally, but always in top quality.

gameXcite is an ambitious development studio from Hamburg focused on IP-based Mobile, PC and Console games.

The team is experienced with operating free to play multiplayer games, among others Asterix & Friends and Idle Asterix.

gameXcite is currently working on Asterix Heroes for all major console platforms as well as an upcoming rogue lite premium title based on a popular Science Fiction IP.

NUKKLEAR is a game development studio based in Hannover, Germany. The hybrid remote/on-site team consists of 50+ highly passionate professionals, a unique blend of veteran game developers and highly gifted new talents from different cities and countries.

As an award winning studio, with a balanced focus on in-house IPs as well as Work-for-Hire endeavors, Nukklear is well regarded as a team of Unreal and Unity experts by clients and fans alike, with vast knowledge and decades of experience, engineering highly scalable synchronous and asynchronous multiplayer solutions.”

Tableflip Entertainment is located in Visby, Sweden and is lead by a group of game development veterans with decades of experience from all over the globe.

Due to its close proximity to the Uppsala University Game Department, Tableflip entertainment maintains a good relationship by engaging with staff, researchers, and students.

The studio has proven to develop successful games in a wide variety of genres and settings. In the current development cycle Tableflip has been focused on expanding and updating popular portfolio titles across all platforms to include Consoles, PC and mobile.

Tivola is an international publisher and developer of PC, console and mobile games based in Hamburg.

We are focused on pet games and apps with animals. In our games, players care for cats, train dogs and ride horses.

Tivola has been a player favourite in the pet and animal game genre for over a decade. With over 125 million downloads and over 15 million organic downloads per year Tivola publishing is in a unique position to leverage this large audience within a very established target group.