Jumpgate AB is pleased to announce that Asterix & Obelix: Heroes, a multi-platform collectible card game with RPG mechanics, developed by its subsidiary gameXcite GmbH in Hamburg and published by Nacon has been released today worldwide on Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Asterix & Obelix: Heroes is a beautiful card game with RPG mechanics based on the famous Asterix IP from licensor Les Éditions Albert René. Players collect their favorite Gaulish heroes and acquire skill cards to build their card decks in order to master challenges and battles on the beautifully designed maps, while an engaging story leads their group of heroes to iconic locations like Britain, Egypt and Rome. With 40 maps, more than 130 unique skill cards, 24 heroes and a huge variety of opponents, from Roman centurions to Egyptian crocodiles, Asterix & Obelix: Heroes promises many hours of entertaining gameplay and fun.

For additional information

Harald Riegler CEO, Jumpgate AB Phone: +46 (0)705 – 54 73 33 E-mail: harald@jumpgategames.se

About the Company

Jumpgate AB is an independent group of game development companies founded in 2011, comprising five game studios: Nukklear (Hannover), Tivola Games (Hamburg), gameXcite (Hamburg), Funatics (Düsseldorf) and Tableflip Entertainment (Visby). The group develops and publishes its own games as well as developing games and other digital products for external companies. The companies in the group have established collaborations with strong industry partners and exciting product portfolios with large potential. The group is engaged in the global market, distributing games on a worldwide basis and has a large international network. For more information: www.jumpgategames.se

About Les Éditions Albert René

Les Éditions Albert René was established in 1979 by Albert Uderzo and owns all rights to the adventures of Asterix. The company:

  • publishes the Asterix the Gaul editions issued by Albert Uderzo since 1980 as well as new editions of other comics created in cooperation with René Goscinny, such as Jehan Pistolet and Oumpah–Pah;
  • initiates new projects such as movies, animations, national and international shows;
  • manages the international copyrights governing Asterix adventures and grants licenses for tie-in products and advertising, including the “Parc ASTÉRIX” theme park near Paris.

For more information about Les Éditions Albert René and Asterix, visit: http://www.asterix.com